Below is a selection of academic and professional references that contain recommendations from Style Coaching™ clients as well.

Sue Park // British Fashion Council

Sue Park BFC

Dr. Kirsten Scott // Istituto Marangoni, London
Maria Pahlavan Crosby // SCOOP International Fashion Shows
Tracey Redmond // The Style Coaching Institute® UK
Edina Berlinger // Corvinus University of Budapest
Style Coaching™ // Kinga

My wardrobe used to be characterized mainly by simplicity and practicality, and to be honest, I didn't experiment with different colours or styles.

By the time passed, I went through a notable change and I got to the certain point that my "old" outlook couldn't represent my "new" personality anymore. This was the perfect moment to start the Style Coaching™ sessions with Andrea, with whom we got along very well right from the beginning.

At our first appointment we both clarified our expectations and the frames of the Style Coaching™ sessions; the schedule, the exact tasks and the budget as well, which made me feel completely relieved. I knew exactly what to expect, where to start and the direction to follow. Each session with Andrea was a special experience to me because she adapted each shopping & conversation perfectly to my personal requirements.

During the Style Coaching™ sessions I have learned a lot about myself and have become more confident. Being an Event Manager, dressing skills and self-expression play a vital role in my job, therefore I am honestly happy that I am now able to dress more consciously, explicitly and without frustrations. Our conversations and Andrea’s advices will remain with me forever.

Now I know the colours and styles that would best suit me when I go shopping. Black is still my favourite colour to wear, however, now I also dare and love to add further brighter colours and accessories to have a perfect outfit!

I am very thankful to Andrea that she set me off this exciting route.

Style Coaching™ // Krisztian

Previously I wasn’t particularly interested in fashion or clothing. A simple ’Jeans with a T-shirt’ combination was all I had in my wardrobe. The lack of my interest was partly due to the fact that I thought ’shopping’ is something necessary which I hate doing and that simply getting the first piece of clothing off the shelves of the stores is the easiest and best way to satisfy my needs.

Then a certain moment arrived in my life when I wanted to change the above mentioned behaviour and pay more attention on how I dress, but I did not know where to begin. I didn’t know how to match colours or the reason why one of the "same" shirt looks nice on me and the other doesn’t, what are the basic things that enhance my style, and how I will manage to wear clothes that make a good impression on others.

Also... Being the Head of a construction company, I appear in different locations which require a totally different outfit on a daily basis - depending on the site we are working on. A peculiarly challenging desire of mine was to develop a stylish outfit, that can be adapted to the variety of locations and situations related to my job. During encounters with Andrea I realised that it is possible to learn how to be fashionable and dapper whatever happens and wherever I need to appear.

Her knowledge, professionalism, empathy and the ability to successfully pay attention on my desires and vision about my own appropriate style was simply amazing. She tought me how to do shopping consciously, choose the colours and cuts which enhance me.

It was surprising to me that in the possession of all this knowledge I do not only confidently choose, but I spend much more time on myself, and now I enjoy it all.


I thank Andrea and I recommend Her to everyone because the Style Coaching™ has helped me to consciously express myself in the way I dress and I am a lot more confident now.


Style Coaching™ // Krisztina

Pretty exciting is to be a Bride. Everybody will be looking at me. Will my hair look good? Will I look great in my dress? And what about my hair and my make-up? 

Unless being in the shoe of a Bride, I would never ever had the idea how important it is to have a hand right next to me.
An angel, who takes care of me: my soul, my look, my heart.
Somebody whom I needed the most in that moment and whom I have been given the gift of The Presence. 

Her professional attitude, her sense of  humor, her kindness, her enthusiasm as well as her smart ideas made the moments perfect. She took the burden off my shoulder. 
She is the Person all Bride need. 

Thank you.


Style Coaching™ // Christian

My name is Christian, I’m an IT manager.

"For me fashion is not more than a plaid shirt, some chunky boots, jeans and 8 black T-shirts which look exactly the same, plus maybe a ’safari’ jacket for holidays. In addition, fashion reminds me of some fashion magazines for women, the contents of which I have not much idea about, and they are not part of my interest... Shopping is a waste of time to me. My world and the world of fashion are two separate universes. I am the most difficult area for a Style Coach™, I seem to be a mission impossible.”

This is how I felt about fashion and Style Coaching™ before I met Andrea.

I still asked for her help because in the last 6 months I lost nearly 30 pounds. I needed a whole new wardrobe to be able to dress for my new measurements, and I realized that 8 black T-shirts might not be sufficient to achieve my long-term career goals.

We went through the whole Style Coaching™ process and I was surprised by the result.

She thought me how to find the perfect selection of clothes and accessories in a really efficient and short time, but what I find truly surprising is that she also changed my attitude to fashion and style!

In fact, I find Andrea truly professional as she managed to make me understand that style and self-care are important things in our lives:

- The perfect outlook can be a crucial advantage and a man should care about it. It is not only a ’female issue’, it is an essential tool for me to be able to prevail in my profession and in my private life as a man.

- The modern man has to have his own style with care!

My new outlook helps me to succeed. People look at me and now they can tell that I am not an average person, which is largely due to my new clothing style, through which I express my confidence and myself.

Therefore, I am grateful to Andrea and I honestly recommend her Style Coaching™ service.


Style Coaching™ should be obligatory for every man in the world of business.


Style Coaching™ // Snezhana

Hi there!

My name is Snezhana, 27 years old, office worker.

In a certain moment of my life I started to feel an urgent need for changes. I felt that I am not dedicating enough time to myself and I am not facing enough challenges, connected to style, habits and hobbies.

I had to experience my presence out of the comfort zone. 

I shared my concerns with Andrea Meszaros, who immediately offered me her help with flexible Style Coaching™ sessions shaped to my needs. At the beginning I was not sure about asking advice from a Style Coach™ as I was concerned about financial aspect and expertise. But I was so wrong! 

After my first session with Andrea, I realised that prices were absolutely humane and realistic and I felt much more relieved after we discussed my requirements and desires. Basically I knew that Andrea would respect my opinion and possibilities.

I have to say that I enjoyed each session I had with Andrea. She helped me not only to find my own dressing style and look but also to find a balance within myself. I have never thought that a Style Coach™ can help me in such a wide area of my life. If at the beginning I felt shy, not very confident - now I am totally comfortable with myself, my body image and inner me.   

 My advice to others who (like me in past) feel not very happy with themselves on emotional and psychological level  - don't feel helpless, just try to embrace new challenges and you will be amazed by the result. 


=) Best wishes,